Human gyroscope rental is a massively popular booking for The Entertainment Group. This fantastically enjoyable hire spaceball allows users to experience weightlessness for real. By securing the rider safely into the central chair then spinning the outer frames, the rider rotates in all directions giving the impression of zero gravity conditions. Hire spaceball gyroscope is most commonly booked as a fairground ride. Hire human gyro fulfils this brief perfectly as it takes up a small amount of room, only requires one operator and the 2 ring spaceball for hire doesn’t even need power. This makes the hire gyroball much cheaper than most fairground rides to hire yet just as enjoyable and not to mention profitable! The Entertainment Group asks for one set payment pre spaceball hire event, this covers everything from delivery and set up to the operators and all necessary equipment.

This means you are then able to charge your guests on the day to use the space ball for hire and keep all money taken. Our operator will even be happy to collect this money for you and provide you with it at the end of the day, this saves you hiring your own staff to collect payments. This booking process means that the human gyroscope hire also works very efficiently as a fundraising tool for charity events. Hire human gyroscope ride to watch crowds gather and guests line up while your donation box grows heavier and heavier! Another fantastic use for the hire spaceball ride is at educational events such as school or science fairs, training days and team building days. Our operators are happy to explain the theory of how the hire gyroscope ride creates the weightlessness effect for the rider before the rider experiences it for themselves.

This creates a great interactive learning experience with the hire human gyroscope that works perfectly at learning events. NASA used similar equipment to the human gyroscope for hire when training Apollo and Gemini astronauts back in the 1960’s. Hire gyroscope ball at your next event and you will not regret adding this fantastic activity for your guests pleasure! Call now to enquire about our gyroscope for hire and receive more information and images to help you secure your booking. Our sales team are waiting to help you with your enquiry, hire human gyro now!